• We are currently recording new material for our second album and we feel very excited!!

Some song titles are: “Medusa”, “Oceans”, “Expired Kings”, “Gallery of diminished nightmares”, “Megalodon”, “Zeal” & “Origin”.

You can check some videos from the recording sessions at our VIDEO page, and pics from the same recording sessions here. More news about the new album soon, stay tuned!


• On July 2014 we released our official “Strombus” videoclip, watch it below:

• We’ve uploaded some pics from our last four shows at our Facebook page, you can see the albums here. Soon they’ll be available at our website too.


• Eric Baule released a second album with BAULUNA on March, titled “Lunacy”. If you’re interested on bands like Storm Corrosion, Popol Vuh, Pink Floyd, the first Porcupine Tree albums, or you’re into atmospheric and acoustic & eerie sounds, check their bandcamp page to listen or purchase their music.

bauluna lunacy

• Eric recorded vocals and guitars for a The Gathering tribute released by Dark Rock Productions, titled “Cycling colours VOL.5″, along with Adela Ordóñez on vocals.

Follow this link to listen to “A life all mine”

tributo the gathering

• Eric will soon release the first album with the band ERIC BAULE his main side project outside Moonloop. The album, titled “Revelations Adrift”, is a progressive rock sonic palette played by a four piece band, wich includes Eric Baule on vocals & guitars, Isam Alegre on keyboards (Obsidian Kingdom), Eric Rovira on drums (Arborea) and Dani Soto on bass guitar (Zermeño). Plans for touring after the release and searching for a record label are also on the works.


• We’ve reduced prices on all our t-shirts and cd’s! Visit our bandcamp page