Release from duality (2005)











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1. Release from duality

2. Deceiving time

3. Butterfly

4. Wailing road

5. No-Mind

6. Things can change

Recorded and mixed by Moonloop. Bass guitar & keyboards recorded by Eric Baule.

Music by Eric Baule & Moonloop except “Butterfly” (music by Juanjo) & “Things can change” (music by Eric Baule).

Lyrics by Eric Baule except on “Butterfly” (lyrics by Juanjo).

Cover photography by Eric Baule.


Pablo Selnik: flute on 2 & 6

Monique van der Kolk (from Harvest): backing vocals on 5

Note: Moonloop distributed a different version of this demo in 2006 with 6 bonus tracks recorded by Eric Baule.

Bonus tracks were:

1. Redemption phase 1

2. Swimingserenity (Instrumental)

3. Leaving Train (Instrumental)

4. X-Pand (Instrumental)

5. Lode all’Inviolato (Instrumental Franco Battiato cover)

6. Redemption phase 2

Those tracks were re-arranged later by Eric and were included in his first solo record titled “Once lost, never forgotten”, from 2008.